Hulu Watch Party

is now available on Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox


Greetings, Hulu fanatics. The contemporary and handy Hulu Watch Party extension is officially here. The new-age extension connects you with your distant loved ones without any hassle and in no time. This extension allows you to savor the Hulu movies and shows with complete privacy and no ad interruptions. Therefore, turn up your screen in theaters and stream thousands of Hulu series with your gang sitting miles away from you. Whether it’s a holiday or a weekend, or any special occasion, never forget to be with your loved ones via a Hulu Watch Party. Furthermore, this extension has a bunch of brilliant features to alleviate your streaming experience.


Hulu Watch Party is a Chrome extension through which you can connect with your distant loved ones to crack up on your favorite Hulu series. Furthermore, it makes hosting and joining a Hulu watch party easy and breezy. Therefore, you can take a rollercoaster ride with your distant loved ones in the entertainment town of Hulu via the Hulu Watch Party extension. On top of that, you can make your ride more entertaining by inviting up to 100 watch party members. Moreover, the extension adds group conversation to the video being watched and synchronizes video playing for all participants. However, to host a viewing party, you must first install the Hulu Watch Party extension.

The first step is downloading the extension, which you can do by clicking here. Furthermore, you can also download the extension using browsers like Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome. Hulu Watch Party is a compatible extension that works flawlessly with Chromebooks, Macs, and Windows devices.

Secondly, you have to pin the extension to the toolbar to use it anytime in the future. Therefore, click the extension icon next to your browser’s toolbar and pin it to the top of the page. Also, if you can’t find the extension icon click on the puzzle icon, and you’ll get the icon there.

Continue the process by logging into your Hulu account. Note: ensure to have your own separate Hulu subscription to host and join a Hulu Watch Party. Furthermore, it is mandatory for the people who want to be a part of the watch party to have their own accounts.

Search for, pick, and play any video or content of your preference after logging in. this is a crucial step in hosting and creating a watch party room.

Next, visit your browser and click on the extension icon to open the Hulu Watch Party. Then a window saying “CREATE A WATCH PARTY” will dropdown. You will see a “START WATCH PARTY” button on that window; tap on it to generate the invitation URL/link.

To join the Hulu Watch party, you must follow all Hulu Watch Party extension installation steps. After that, tap on the link shared with you by the party host, and you will arrive at the most fantastic movie night.


Hulu has an extensive content library to cater to everyone’s binge-spree. Furthermore, the Hulu Watch Party extension is accessible worldwide; thus, anyone can use it anywhere they want. However, Hulu streaming services are not available worldwide. Therefore, you can utilize a VPN if your region or location does not support the streaming platform. Using that, you can quickly activate a Hulu subscription and download the watch party extension to be together with your distant loved ones.

You can pick whether or not you want complete control of the watch party as the host. Enable the “Only I have Control” button if you want full control, and disable it if you don’t. You can also use control to play, pause, rewind, forward, or resume the video. You will, however, only have authority over the watch party, not the devices of the members of the watch party.

You can talk with all watch party members while the content is streamed together. “Group Chat” is an incredible feature of this extension through which you can discuss all the scenes that you want. Furthermore, you can get in on the live-action by sharing emojis in chats as your impressions. Thus, you will feel like you’re sitting next to your favorite person.

Hulu Watch Party is a fantastic extension that works to enhance your viewership experience. It also attempts to give the best binge-watching experience possible. Furthermore, it provides HD resolution for your watch content only in premium quality. You can also share the content with your friends and family by streaming it with real-time sync. Therefore, entertainment is guaranteed in every aspect of the Hulu Watch Party extension.

Hulu Watch Party extension makes your virtual watch party even more enjoyable by allowing you to customize your chat profile. Therefore, you can select and keep unique nicknames and cute profile icons from all the available avatars.

Hulu Watch Party is an easy-to-use extension that allows you unlimited access to all of the fantastic features and entertainment. Therefore, you won’t have to spend money to spend time with your family.

Frequently asked questions

Hulu Watch Party extension is a futuristic way to bridge the distance between your remote-living friends and family. Furthermore, you can have a great time watching the Hulu content together, even being at your place.

Absolutely yes. The extension lets the users enjoy HD streaming worldwide without asking for any subscription fee. Thus, you can entertain yourself and your close ones without spending any money.

Hulu Watch Party extension is accessible worldwide. Users can host or join watch parties anytime and anywhere in the world. However, you need to check if your current site or location supports the Hulu streaming platform.

A single Watch Party session can accommodate up to 100 individuals. However, individual party members must have their separate Hulu subscriptions for participating in the watch party.

All the members must have the following: –

Hulu subscription

Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge

Chromebook, macOS or Windows laptop or PC

Stable internet connection

The extension is available in all the countries. However, it is mandatory for all the members to be in the same country. Therefore, if any of the watch party members are living in a different country, they can use the VPN to change their location.

Yes, the extension has a chat feature that enables the users to chat with other people included in the watch party.

You can create a Hulu watch party within a few steps: –

Firstly, you need to have a Hulu account and log in to it.

Then, you should search for the video that you want to watch at your Hulu party.

After this, play the video and go to the “HP” button in the toolbar.

The “Create a Party” button will open where you need to select the “Start the Party” option to create the watch party URL.

Note: you can also choose to have complete control of the party by turning the “Only I have control” button ON.

You should copy the URL and share it with all the friends or people you want to invite to the Hulu Party.

All the users are required to have the Hulu party extension installed on their laptops or PCs. After this, they need to log in to their Hulu account and click on the watch party link to join the party.