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How do I Start a Hulu Watch Party with my Friends and Family

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Sorting out a Hulu Watch Party is a sublime method for getting a charge out of network shows and movies with your friends and family, paying little heed to geological distances. Likewise, the Watch Party Hulu offers a stage for watching Hulu content in a common web-based climate. 

Whether it's for an easygoing film night or plunging into long-distance race meetings of your number one series, Hulu's Watch Party highlight and its expansion, similar to the Hulu Watch Party, simplify synchronized surveys and are brilliant. Here is your comprehensive guide on how to start a Watch Party on Hulu, which can also be adapted for a Hulu Party.

Essentials for Setting Up a Watch Party Hulu

1. Subscription Requirements: Firstly, ensure that all participants hold either a Hulu (No Ads) or Hulu (No Ads) + Live TV subscription. Similarly, all participants should have access to Hulu for a Hulu Party. The Watch Party functionality does not support the basic Hulu plan with ads.

2. Browser Compatibility: All participants should access the Watch Party using Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, or Microsoft Edge. This is also true when you install Hulu Watch Party extensions, as the features work exclusively through the web interface and are unavailable on mobile apps.

Steps to “How to Start a Watch Party on Hulu?”

Step 1: Select Your Viewing Material

1.1 Firstly, sign into your Hulu account via a compatible web browser.

1.2 Then, use the search function or browse the library to choose a film or series. For both Hulu Party options, look for the Watch Party symbol on eligible titles.

Step 2: Set Up Your Watch Party

Click on the Watch Party icon located on the title of your choice. If you are in the middle of viewing, pause and select the icon from the playback menu. Moreover, this step is similar to when setting up a Hulu Watch Party.

Step 3: Send Invites

3.1 Hulu will automatically create a link for your Watch Party.

3.2 Distribute this link to up to seven other guests (totaling eight participants, including yourself).

Step 4: Personalize Participant Settings

Assign a nickname for yourself, which will appear in the chat window during the watch party and enhance the interactive experience. This is beneficial for both Hulu Watch Parties.

Step 5: Begin the Show

5.1 Once all guests are prepared, initiate playback.

5.2 Although individual playback control is available, the "Click to Catch Up" option is handy for synchronizing participants who may have fallen behind, whether it’s a Hulu Party.

Step 6: Group Interaction

6.1 Utilize the chat function to engage in real-time conversation about the show or movie, mimicking the feeling of watching together in one room.

6.2 Besides, enhancing Your experience with Hulu Watch Party Extensions.

6.3 For an enriched viewing experience, consider using the Hulu Watch Party extensions available for browsers like Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

Installation: Download and install the Hulu Watch Party extensions from the Chrome Web Store or via the direct links provided. Pinch them to your browser toolbar for quick access.

Activation: Log in to your Hulu account, select a video, and open the extension. Click on "CREATE A WATCH PARTY" then "START WATCH PARTY" to generate your viewing link.

Customization and Control: The extension lets you personalize your profile and manage playback controls across all viewers, ensuring synchronicity. The "Group Chat" function enhances the social aspect by enabling you to discuss scenes and reactions live. Get Chrome Extension


The Hulu Watch Party feature and its dedicated extension provide a fantastic method for connecting with friends and family to watch your favorite Hulu content collectively. This setup combines the pleasure of group viewing with the flexibility of individual playback control, allowing everyone from different locations to participate. Similarly, the Watch Party Hulu offers comparable features, enhancing every screening into a shared social event. Enjoy transforming every viewing into a communal celebration with Watch Party Hulu.

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