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How to Start a Hulu Watch Party in 5 Easy Steps

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Starting a Hulu Watch Party is no longer harder, as here you have a guide to starting a Hulu watch party. Following this 5 easy steps guide, you will get to know How to do Watch Party on Hulu. And even if you have a query about How to start a Watch Party on Hulu. Moreover, installing this Hulu party extension lets you watch 1000 + of shows and movies on the streaming service. The plus point is you can even invite and let eight people join your watch party via Hulu to stream together. 

Furthermore, you can use the No-Ads subscription Hulu plan's accessible and user-friendly features. And using these features while streaming will levitate your watch party for sure. Hence, a few of them are Group Chat, Global Access, Cost-effectiveness, Control over Watch Party, etc. In order to explore more about the feature and how to do watch party on Hulu, you should jump onto the downward information to get the best outcomes. 

Features of Hulu Watch Party 

Hulu has the most amazing features, making it even more flexible and user-friendly for streaming movies and shows. But it is essential that the subscriber must be 18 years old. Let’s have a look at what these features are:

 1. Group Chat

The “Group Chat” enables you and other watch members to have a conversation to express and discuss movie scenes. So you and your brats enjoy watching streaming videos along with chit-chatting in the chat box. To express your reactions more strongly in the chat box, you can send emojis as well. 

2. Global Accessibility

Another helpful feature is “Global Access,” which lets its users access the Hulu Watch Party extension anywhere worldwide. Remember. Furthermore, the plugin is glitch-free to use in all locations wherever the Hulu streaming service is available.

3. Watch Party Control

From the security perspective, the user must not give up on the “Watch Party Control” feature. Therefore, enable the "Only I Have Control" button to take the watch party charges into your hands. So it can let you play, pause, fast-forward, or rewind a video, whenever you want. And to release control, disable the same button. 

4. Synchronization & HD-Resolution

The watch Party Hulu also provides video playback in real-time sync along with HD resolution picture quality. Thus, you can have an unforgettable streaming experience. 

5. Profile Personalization

Do you want to make your Hulu Party appear even more incredible? If yes, then this Profile Personalization feature is meant for you. Using this feature, you can add the coolest nicknames and cutest profile images to your Hulu Watch Party profile. 

6. Cost Effective

Amazingly, you don’t need to pay a single penny to use this Watch Party Hulu Extension as it is free. Another amazing thing is that this user-friendly extension has no sign-in requirement.

5 Easy Steps to Start Hulu Watch Party

After getting some basic information about Hulu Watch Party and its significant features when it comes to streaming videos. Now, here you have 5 easy steps that help you how to use the Hulu Watch party extension to kick-start its streaming services. Having the Hulu Party lets you watch movies and shows, Which you can even enjoy with your friends. So without any further delay, let’s begin with the Watch Party Hulu acceleration process:  

1. First and foremost, you need to open the official website. And then, you need to sign into your Hulu account. Next, navigate to the show or movie available at Hulu Party. 

2. And to do so, click on the three dots, which you can see next to each title. And then, you need to click on the “Details” option. In case it's available for Watch Party Hulu, it will show you a three-people look alike option. 

3. And this option says Watch Party whenever you are levitating over your watch party. Further, it will show you an icon that appears as three people only if it's available for. 

4. Afterward, come to the Details page and click on the Watch Party icon over there. And then, begin it by clicking on the “Start the Party” icon.

5. Now, end it by inviting others to your Hulu Watch Party. And to do so, copy the Hulu Party link, then send it to a maximum of seven people so they can join in. In order to join a watch party and start streaming together, click on the invitation link.

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